Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is any form of communication used to support or supplement verbal communication. Augmentative means to “add support” so this includes things we use to make communication easier such as pointing or sign language. Alternative means to use “instead of” so this includes things we use instead of verbal communication such as a dedicated communication device or iPad.  AAC can be non-tech, low-tech, or high-tech. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained in the implementation of a wide variety of AAC systems.  

Types of AAC:

No-Tech AAC

- Gestures & Facial Expression

- Sign Language


- Written Communication

- Vocabulary Board

- Picture Exchange Communication      Systems (PECS)

High-Tech AAC Devices

- Gestures & Facial Expression

- Sign Language

- GoTalk 

- Dedicated Communication Devices

o   Saltillo NovaChat

o   PRC Accent 

o   Tobii Dynavox I-110

Dedicated iPad Device Softwares

o   Proloquo2Go

o   TouchChat

o   Snap + Core First 

o   Speak4Yourself

o   GoTalk Now 

o   LAMP 


AAC Information

If you are interested in learning more about an AAC device evaluation, AAC treatment sessions, or would like a free consultation you can request additional information here or you can speak with someone directly by phone at 615-376-9633.