Feeding Therapy

At SpeechPath Outpatient Clinic, we acknowledge that some children struggle with eating. This can cause meal time to be stressful due to possible frustration, anxiety and general concern for your child's nutrition.

 Feeding therapy services include evaluation and treatment of your child for the following oral motor and feeding difficulties:
Sensory: Your child may not like the way food feels on his or her hands or mouth. He or she may only eat certain foods based on texture and/or color. Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists are trained in various evidence-based practices to expand the types of food your child will eat. 

Oral Motor: Our Speech-Language Pathologists will assist your child in making the muscles of his or her mouth stronger, helping to chew foods, changing food textures and liquid thickness to make swallowing easier or learning how to drink from a cup. 

Motor: Our Occupational Therapists will assist your child to obtain a grasp on utensils to gather food to transfer to his or her mouth.