Occupational Therapy Handwriting Checklist

What kinds of skills do Occupational Therapists address that help handwriting?

  1. visual motor skills (eye-hand coordination),

  2. fine motor skills (coloring, writing skills, using scissors, manipulative skills),

  3. grasp and grip adaptations,

  4. recall and legibility of shapes, numbers and letters (printing and cursive),

  5. motor planning abilities,

  6. vision and perception skills

When to Refer Children to O.T.

Please answer the following questions regarding your child:

Yes or No

Y/N -  has difficulty with cutting, writing, manipulating clothing fasteners, small objects, & toys.

Y/N - often cannot read finished work or has  or messy/illegible handwriting

Y/N -  difficulty lining up math numbers or staying between the lines when writing

Y/N -  has difficulty with writing and it is affecting their work (speed, neatness, etc.)

Y/N -  takes excessive amounts of time with writing and/or complains about handwriting fatigue

Y/N -  has difficulty with visual skills that hinders academic performance (ex. copying from the blackboard, can't recall what objects look like, large amount of reversals (1st grade or beyond) in written work, difficulty copying designs.

If you checked “Yes” to any of the above questions, your child may benefit services. 

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