Quick Feeding Checklist

Please check any of the following behaviors that may apply:

_ Food refusal (refusing all or most food)

_ Food selectivity by texture (eating only textures that are not developmentally appropriate)

_ Food Selectivity by type (eating only a narrow variety of foods)

_ Sensory seeking behaviors or wanting to eat/mouth items that are not food.

_ Additional Sensory-based feeding problems (aversions or strong dislikes to specific kinds of foods, e.g. avoids particular smells, soft/hard textures, bland flavored snacks, or biscuits with a specific shape).

_ Oral motor delays (problems with chewing, lip closure, or tongue lateralization)

_ Abnormal preferences (e.g. refuses food if not a certain temperature, eats only certain brands,

must have a certain cup or special silverware to eat)

_ Prolonged Holding food in his or her mouth for prolonged periods.

_ Dysphagia (problems with swallowing)

_ Becomes agitated or aggressive at mealtimes.


** If you have checked any of the above, it is recommended that you discuss your child’s development with your physician. 

To schedule a screening for further information, contact SpeechPath Outpatient Clinic