"I couldn’t be happier with how my child did in Speech Therapy!  SpeechPath Outpatient Clinic was a pivotal part of the process.  I was impressed with our Speech Pathologist’s professionalism and expertise every step of the way. She showed by example the ways I could help my child at home. She also showed my child and me kindness and support, while flawlessly handling moments when he needed some redirection. If we need additional Speech Therapy in the future we will be reaching out to SpeechPath!"

Miranda B.

The therapy has been fantastic! We can see such an improvement with my sons' speech. He has enjoyed his time here at SpeechPath and actually looks forward to coming. We appreciate the encouragement he has received. It has been instrumental in his success. "

                                                                                       Roxanne C., Hendersonville

"Our Speech Therapist is amazing! She truly is a gift to the small children she works with. Not only is she professional, knowledgeable, and caring but she connects with our child to make successful progress."

"When we took Josh for his 2 year old checkup, he still wasn't saying ANY words.  We began speech therapy almost at once but still didn't know what the problem could be.  Several months and one move to Nashville later, the diagnosis came in: autism, specifically PDD-NOS.  Josh was still having major speech and food aversion issues and we stepped into a full speech and occupational therapy program with Speechpath.  Now, at age 5, the changes are nothing short of miraculous.  Now, instead of sticking with baby food, Josh eats many different foods with no complaint. His speech and social behaviors have improved dramatically and he happily runs and plays with other children.  The therapists at Speechpath continue to work with him and he continues to make dramatic progress.   The skill and compassion of his therapists have been absolutely wonderful.  I cannot say enough about them!"

                                                                                         Bruce M., Brentwood

     "By the age of four, my son still spoke in one-word phrases that only close family members were able to understand. He was unable to interact positively with peers as well as adults and most often his play dates ended with screaming and tantrums.

      After an exhaustive search for resources, I had nearly given up hope of finding help for my son when I saw an advertisement for the SpeechPath Outpatient Clinic. I was greeted by a wonderful staff that welcomed us with hope and encouragement. The Occupational and Speech Therapists set up evaluations the very next week and immediately gained a rapport with my son; so much so that he eagerly anticipates his next visit with them.

     Their methods of therapy are both nurturing and patient and have provided amazing results in just a few short months; despite his being diagnosed with Autism recently. Because of his progress, I am no longer embarrassed to take him to public places such as grocery stores and restaurants fearing his unruly behavior. His speech and language have improved greatly and he is speaking so much more clearly that others can finally understand him. He is now able to communicate his needs and feelings without frustration and tantrums.

     SpeechPath has given me the tools and resources needed to rehabilitate my son. But most importantly, they have given me the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there is someone who truly cares about my son's wellbeing. They have been an absolute blessing in our lives."

                                                                                             Julia S., Goodlettsville


" Noah looks forward to OT each week. He has fun and has gained more confidence with handwriting and fine motor."
                                                                                           A. Estes., Brentwood

"The therapists at SpeechPath Outpatient Clinic have been incredible working with my 5-year old daughter who has autism. My daughter receives both SLP and OT and both therapists made an instant connection with my daughter, allaying her anxiety and thus allowing her to make tremendous progress in a few short months. We began therapy sessions over the summer months to make sure my daughter did not regress while school was out with the intention of discontinuing when school started. However, I have been so impressed at the intuitive way the SpeechPath therapists have been working with my daughter and how much she has learned that we are continuing these sessions in addition to the therapy my daughter already receives at school. I highly recommend SpeechPath for all children who need SLP and OT therapy."

                                                                                               Debbie S., Nashville